Tawnico In Sketches is the romantic pairing of Tawni Hart and Nico Harris in skeches. Thhere is alot of sketches where they seem to like each other or have things in common.

Sketch MomentsEdit

Cody SimpsonEdit

(All Star Wheel of Fortune)Edit

  • Tawni and Nico both played girls (Tawni played Taylor Swift and Nico played Willo Smith)]]

Greyson ChanceEdit

(Socks With Sandals)Edit

  • Tawni's character seems to like Nico's.

Selena Gomez and the SceneEdit

(Schooled by Grammer)Edit

  • Nico's character seems to like Tawni's.

(Teen Rage)Edit

  • Nico and Tawn's character were both in the same band.

(Garlic Garden)Edit

  • Tawni and Nico play a married couple.

Mitchel MussoEdit

(Carnival Games)Edit

  • Tawni and Nico both play a couple.
  • Nico's character does anything his girllfriend tell's him to do by saying "Fine, for you".

(Zombie Man)Edit

  • Zombie Man eats Andy's date Katie so Andy ends up asking Aleesha's character.
  • Aleesha (Tawni) kisses Andy's (Nico's) cheek.

Note: Zombie Man is the first sketch and first time Tawni has kissed Nico in sketches and real life.

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