puddy two-shoes was twani's favorite stufft animal cat that got distroyed on sonny with a chance.

when sonny tried to chear twani up ,twani wanted to take puddy two-shoes of of sonny

but the stufft animal fly into the air and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzggggggggggt the machine distroyed Puddy Two shoes.

Sonny din't mean to let Twani distroyed Puddy she just wanted to make something better that's what she said to the director's office

  • they call hes last name two-shoes because he where's 2 red shoes on his feet,that's why they call him Puddy ....(TWO SHOES)

he only apears in the first episode/show of Sonny With A Chance (Sketchy Beginnings)

and that's the story of twani's lost stuffed animal that died/got killed on Sonny With A Chance , Puddy Two- Shoes

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