Colbie Caillat
Season 1, Episode 9
First Aired August 14 2011
Production Code 309
Writer(s) Maiya Williams
Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Episode Guide
"Mindless Behavior"
Colbie Caillat performs "Brighter Than the Sun".

Special musical guest: Colbie Caillat Guest stars: Damian Haas, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Audrey Whitby, Shayne Topp, Bridget Shergalis Sketches: The iPatch, Angus Comes to Dinner, Cheereleader Tryouts: Part 1 , The Coolest Kid in School: Part 4, Cheereleader Tryouts: Part 2, The Coolest Kid in School: Part 5, Cheereleader Tryouts: Part 3, The Coolest Kid in School: Part 6

Note: As of December 23, 2011 this episode has been removed from the airing schedule and is being re-evaluated due to eating disorder references.

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